Mightier Than Disease

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Lucie is creating an English version of "Mightier Than Disease" that will be available for Pad & Tablet Devices. This version will allow disabled individuals an easier way to access the amazing inspiration from the pages of her book.

Mightier Than The Disease

Lucie Carrasco is an accomplished author that has written a inspiring book about her life and her quest for creating an amazing life for herself against the greatest odds.

Most people do not remember their birth. I do, because I was born twice. At the age of eight months the doctors told my parents that I was suffering from a genetic disorder, a progressive disease - Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The day when I would die was already scheduled, I would not live beyond the age of three."

- Lucie Carrasco

"I am about to turn 32, and during all these years where I was not able to look towards tomorrow, I kept the desire to live life with a sense of urgency." 

- Lucie Carrasco

"Against all odds,  I celebrated my fifth birthday - And then I turned seven and then ten. I had decided not to die. It must be said that I was clearly not suited to follow all those laid down paths. This wasn't my thing. It was a most difficult course, a long way to go, there were many obstacles and there was suffering ... But above all there was joy, there was love and laughter." 

- Lucie Carrasco